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Tamil Nadu trip

Tamil Nadu is great place for temples. We thought to cover few of them. Initially, we named our trip as “Rameshwaram trip”, but soon, we have removed Rameshwaram from our trip as we want to cover Rameshwaram in coming months.

Our plan was abstract. In this 4D/5N trip, we have fixed Madurai and Kanyakumari as fixed places. remaining were “on-the-go” plans.

Day-0 [Hyderabad to Chennai][28th Dec 2018 – Friday] :-

We were three friends [Vamshi, Rohith and myself].
We have booked  the train tickets[17652 / KCG CGL EXP -Rs.410 per head]. Vamshi is coming to Kacheguda station directly from home. Myself and Rohith booked a cab from our room to station. The train starts at 4.30PM from station. Our cab was late and at 4.15PM we got stuck in traffic. I was in doubt..whether we can reach the station or not. But, fortunately, with some other route, we have reached the station on time and could catch the train. Train started on time [4.30PM].

Now, we are discussing about our destination for Day-1. Chennai or Changalpattu? Whether to roam in Chennai or Changalpattu or Kanchipuram?

We met the cartoon artist of famous newspaper “The Hindu” – Surendra.  We took suggestions from him too.  Vamshi was calling to his friends, Rohith was calling to his friends. I was just seeing all expressions..

Finally, we have decided to get down at Chennai Egmore station and travel to Kanchipuram by bus.

Rohith and Vamshi called their friends to come to Chennai Egmore.

Day – 1 [29th Dec 2018 – Saturday] [Chennai-Kanchipuram-Chengalpattu]:-

We got down from Egmore railway station and just outside, we was Chennai Metro station and got surprise.. it just so nearby. Mr. Surendra helped us in Metro station as we are new to it. to add to the surprise, The chennai metro is underground.. We took tickets[Rs.40/person] till CMBT bus stop.  Wow, this metro is awesome… It travels from Underground to Top of the road… when we reach the CMBT.

When we came out of CMBT metro station, I found A2B and suggested to have breakfast here. We ordered Pongal, Vada, Tea… meanwhile, Rohith and Vamshi friends also came to A2B. All of us had breakfast.



[Our trip first photo in Metro]

Rohith friend was Rama Krishna, and Vamshi friend was Mani. Rama Krishna is native of Chennai. so he was guide for us for whole Day-1. Rama helped us in the whole day narrating different stories here. We took water bottles and got into bus from CMBT to Kanchipuram[Rs.70/person].

We hired one auto for whole kanchipuram trip[Total-Rs.700]. We took bath in one small guest house room as suggested by Auto-wala quickly. We first reached Ekambareswarar temple . We had darshan quickly and went to see mango tree which 2500 years old.


[First group photo near temple]

After first temple, we went to our next temple

Kanchi Kamakshi Amman temple

All temples in Tamil Nadu will close at 12.00 or before 12.30PM. and will repoen at 4.30PM. We have reached Meenakshi temple after 12.30 this day. Luckily, the temple is open due to some poojas going on this day. Soon, we completed darshan and we left for lunch.

We had meals.. with tamil nadu dishes.. Sambhar, Poriyal etc. We had idiyappam too. img_9245

then, we did shopping. Kanchipuram is famous for it’s Pattu sarees. All of us bought sarees for our mother’s.

Then, we visited two more temples.

Varadharaja Perumal temple[DivyaDesam] :- Here, the temple is famously called Vishnu Kanchi. Here, we have touched “Golden Lizard” inside the temple.

Ulagalantha Perumal Temple[DivyaDesam] :- Here, we could Vamana Avtar and Bali chakravarthy.

As we are running out of time, we went to Kanchipuram bus stop in auto.. to take bus to Changalpattu.  Rama and Mani, went to CMBT to their homes.

We three of them took parcel for dinner in Changalpattu and got into train to Nagercoil. [16723/Anantapuri Express-Rs.1030 per person-3rd AC]. We completed dinner and slept.

Day – 2 [30th Dec 2018 – Sunday][Chengalpattu-Nagercoil-Kanyakumari-Nagercoil]:-

We got down in Nagercoil railway station in the morning. Immediately, we got a bus to Kanyakumari [Rs.22/person – around 20Km-25Km].

We couldn’t get any room here to take as it is season time. and thought to go Vivekanand memorial, but there too very big queue is present. So, we have enjoyed the scenary from coast point only.

We next visited Arulmigu Bhagavathy Amman Temple. After darshan, we completed lunch and took 2-3 hours rest at the coast and watching the sea and taking photos.

Then we visited the Our Lady of Ransom church .


After Church, we visited “Swami Vivekanda memorial” where all life history of Vivkananda with pictures is written.



Next, we visited Gandhi Memorial, where life story of Mahatma Gandhi, we can see.

Gandhi Memorial


Inside Gandhi memorial, the View points are so awesome that..we can feel whole kanyakumari at one time[ you can see in below pic, which is shot from Gandhi’s memorial]


Thiruvalluvar :-


Sun set view


Then, we saw sun set from View point. we stayed for 1 hour and left to Nagercoil. We reached around 7PM. and our train[56701 – Madurai Passenger-Rs.115 per person-Sleeper] is at 10.35PM. We had lot of time, and we began searching for our dinner. we walked for around 1-1.5KM with our lot of luggage and found one small but decent hotel. We completed our dinner for Rs.70 for all three persons with below dishes. img_9509

Appams, Wada and Chapathi with sambar and chutney. Next, we returned walking and slept in the platform of railway station…as still we have lot of time… to our surprise… train is delayed by another 90mins.. as it is passenger train. Train came around near 12 or 12.15AM. We got into train and concluded that it is passenger train and definitely will reach late in the morning to Madurai. We have to reach Madurai by 6.45AM. But again, to our surprise.. we have reach at around 6.14AM. that is big shock to all of us.

Day – 3 [31st Dec 2018 – Monday][Nagercoil-Madurai]:-

We have got down from train and took one room. This is the first and last time we took room in our whole trip. We took bath and went to Madurai Meenakshi temple.

Madurai Meenakshi temple

Wow… This temple is so amazon with it’s architecture. you can observe lot of sculptures.  We took Rs.50/person fast darshan ticket and had darshan quickly in an hour.


then quickly, we went to Koodal Azhagar temple which is walkable. But  the temple is closed as it is already 12.00PM. then, we completed lunch and had Jigarthanda which is Madurai special.


This is a sweet dish… kind of Payasam.. may be made of rice ingredients. then, we took Auto to Pazhamudircholai temple(which is around 32Km from Madurai).

Pazhamudircholai temple –  Here, we had to take govt. bus to reach hill top. We had darshan of Murugan Lord. Soon, we have to walk around 1km again yet another stretch to take bath from water which is continously coming from rocks there.  We returned from hill-top in same govt. bus and went to temple nearby there.

Alagar_Koyil temple[Divya Desam]

Again, The temple is so large..which large sculputres.. I got shocked from lot of carvings. Simply amazing.  We completed darshan here and then took bus to Periyar bus stand to reach another Murugan temple.

Thirupparamkunram Murugan temple

This is second Murugan temple in Madurai city. We completed darshan immediately and then moved to Madurai, where we couldn’t go in the morning.

Koodal_Azhagar_temple[Divya Desam]

After completing darshan of this temple, again we went to Madurai Meenakshi temple for 2nd time in same day at around 9pm.. where temple is about to be closed. But, as we are inside the temple, we can get darshan of amman. at 10PM, we came out of temple and started searching for dinner. At this point, our fun started, even though we are tired sooo much..we thought to eat “Guntha Ponganalu”. We went to 5-6 hotels..but we could’t find anywhere. Some people gave wierd they are not able to understand “Guntha Ponganalu”. We showed them photos too. Atlast, after 30mins.. one person showed us the way..where we can get. Finally, we got the person..where two-three persons with small stoved on road side.. they are cooking instantly. we took parcel and went to room and had our food satisfactorily. Finally. we have learned that.. We should call “Paniyaaram” in tamil for “Guntha Ponganalu”.

Our train is at 12.30AM in midnight. and it is 31st night. Where, everyone is busy in celebrating the new year..we are struggling to come to ground from second floor in lift of our hotel. The hotel is so old and lift is not working smoothly..and we got inside lift and 12.59..we wished ourselfves “Happy new year” inside the lift.

We got into train to Changalpattu [ again, yes. There was no plan for 4th day. We booked tatkal on 31st Dec itself and decided to go Mahabalipuram].

[12651 – Sampark Kranti – 3AC – 1154 /person – Madurai to Changalpa

Day – 4 [1st Jan 2019 – Tuesday][Madurai-Changalpattu-Mahabalipuram-Chennai Central]:-

We reached Changalpattu in the morning and had breakfast in same hotel where we got parcel 1 day back. got into bus towards Mahabalipuram[Rs.25/person]

Next we have visited following temple –

Sthalasayana temple[DivyaDesam] –,_Tirusirupuliyur

Then we have visited monuments in Mahabalipuram.


Shore temple –

Mahabalipuram beach –

Pancha Rathas –

Krishna’s butter ball –

Descent of Ganges –


Finally. we have ended our trip with Mahabalipuram beach and here is our last photo of the trip


Then, at 3pm, we took bus to chennai central and got into train to Hyderabad.[12759-Charminar express-Rs.425/person].

We reached safely home and trip ended with lot of memories for whole life.
















This Delicious Life by Lekshmi Gopinathan

Hi. This is my first book review on my blog. I bought this book from Amazon on Kindle. Book link – This Delicious life . After 10 days of purchasing, I have completed the book today.

I was waiting to read this kind of book from so many days, finally, I got it into my hands.

So, What I have learnt from this book? To tell this, Let me re-phrase two lines from the book –

“Did you know food could heal your soul, Gerry?’

“Not until I ate my fingers off as Radhamma cooked.” Gerry responded.

In simple words, I learnt importance of cooking, and love is most important ingredient in every dish.  This was beautifully conveyed by author to readers through Radhamma character, my favorite character.

Radhamma, sarpanch of a village, beautiful, yet brave-hearted young women. other Characters were Venkat, Vishal, Metilda, Gerry. Each character has it’s own importance. All of this book chapater named with a separate dish name. The author explained so neatly and in detailed way that, I could smell and felt hungry for each chapter.

Life is not just cooking. It has emotions too. All emotions are perfectly mixed with the story.  Sadness, happiness, hard-working, selflessness. Each character is unique.

When we are depressed, we need someone to support and understand our feelings. We need a teacher at different phases of life. It is a journey. The reader of the book will go through this journey in a perfect way.

Last chapters made me cry as well as happy. Read it and find it out why?







CSS Grid

The W3C introduced new feature to CSS called CSS Grid (click here) .

I got a new tutorial for this CSS Grid (click here) by Wes Bos, which is totally free consisting of 25 videos [ total 4 hours video length].



Trip to Bidar

The trip was totally unplanned. It’s been few months continuously with work. So, I decided to go for a trip with my friends Rohith and Harsha. I called up Rohith on 10th Jan and told him my intention. He immediately said, lets go on 13th-14th Jan, for a short trip.

I called Harsha, he also accepted for the same dates. We decided to go for Kurnool. I inquired about places to see in Kurnool with other friend. Next day, Rohith changed plan to Warangal.  I immediately accepted the proposal. We finalized places to visit in Warangal for 2 days trip [ Saturday-Sunday ].

I started from Bengaluru on Friday night from Majestic in KSRTC Bus. I reached Hyderabad MGBS bus stand at 7am in Saturday. By 8.00am, Harsha and Rohith arrived. Then, we searched a hotel for breakfast. We found small stall inside MGBS bus stop itself, completed breakfast with Idly-Puri-Bonda. Finally, with “TEA”.  But, we couldn’t find Warangal bus, so Rohith said, let’s take lottery of 3-4 places. We picked up “Bidar” finally. Bus is ready at Platform… Karnataka SARIGE.. Our’s favourite bus.

Our bus started at 9am. We had lot of fun in bus itself, chatting with two crazy friends. As we met after long time, we talked about various topics, our work, companies etc.



Meanwhile, we opened “Google” and started planning what we can do in Bidar.  Bus stopped for a break, took only one plate of Fried rice. We three shared the same plate. Bus resumed soon. We reached Bidar at 1.30PM. We started searching about hotel, found a hotel nearby (around 1km).  Rohith only talked about facilities and finalized the deal with Hotel guy. We quickly fresh up, and then went to have lunch. We ordered Veg noodles, as all others were not there at this time. (around 4pm). We started to “Shri Jharni Narsimha Mandir ” or Sri Narasimha Swamy Cave temple.

We took a auto from our hotel. It is just 5kms from our hotel.  we quickly went and changed the dress. Took tickets and deposited our bags, camera. Temple itself is in middle of forest or isolated area. There was less crowd, as this is not any season. We have to pass through 300meters of water  (depth about 4 to 5 ft) inside the cave. We took darshan, took prasadam, took few photos and started to Papnash Shiva temple, which is 2 kms from our hotel. Reached there by 7pm, took darshan and returned by walk.






Papnash Temple –


Completed dinner and went to deep sleep.

Day – 2:-

We started the day with Tea and biscuits. Soon, we started to Bidar fort. We reached fort by 10pm.  Fort is build in large space. The constructions were huge. We discussed about history and were posing questions like, how those kings were living here? from where do they get water? What were their dressing style, food habits. We came to know that fort is 700-1000 years old. We saw big missiles, doors, well, etc.











After 2 hours of exploration, we started to Gurudwara. We spend some peaceful time there and had “Brunch” at “Punjabi” hotel there with lot of Alu and Ghobi parathas and few bowls of Curd.


Then, we started to hotel, check-ed out. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_bbc.jpg

Ended our trip with this Lemon tea.


Took bus at Bidar bus stop, and boarded bus to MGBS bus stand at 3pm bidding bye to Bidar. Thank you Bidar for lot of sweet memories.

Thanks Rohith and Harsha for making this trip sweet and memorable.

Two days trip to Coorg

I travelled to Coorg with my friend, Rohith. We both were planning for a trip from long time, probably from 1 year. Finally, we decided we will go to Coorg.


We booked a KSRTC Non-A/C sleeper from Bengaluru to Madikeri in 30th December 2016. The cost was approximately around Rs.500 to Rs.600 range. Some sites mention as Mercara Madikeri. You can try at Redbus/Abhibus or other travel sites. I was little confused in threse names Mercara /Madikeri/Coorg/Kodagu/etc. Mercara is English name for Madikeri. Madiker is a administrative town in Kodagu district. Coorg is another name for Kodagu. You can read entire history from


Our bus boarding point was KSRTC Satellite bus stand. We both booked a cab reached boarding point 1 hour before and completed dinner there. Rohith is so fond of Tea. So, we had two cups of tea for each one of us.


Our bus approximately started at 10.00PM. Ours is upper berth. I couldn’t sleep because bus started swinging, not stable. It was there throughout journey. Rohith slept nicely without any trouble. Anyways, at around 4.30AM, our bus reached Madikeri bus stop. We got down from bus. It was so cool weather there. We had our sweatshirts on our bodies, even then it was so cool. We went inside bus depot and sat there. Rohith immediately went to Tea shop and ordered tea for both of us. I was shocked as I never had tea at that early morning 4.30AM, that too without brushing.  We couldn’t go to hotel although we booked because our booking is there from 12PM in the afternoon. So, we had to fresh-up and do daily things inside bus depot only. Rohith as usually took a tea and I also followed him.

Luckily, there were few people inside the depot at that time. We roamed and asked few people about the places and buses. We came to know that, buses will start at 6AM in the morning.  We decided we will complete our daily things till that time. We took rest  for sometime.


In our plan, we both decided that, first day, we need to trek, and second day, plan for sightseeing places.

We decided that we will go to  Tadiandamol peaks ( This place was decided by my friend Rohith as it is 1748m ( highest peak in Coorg).


And yes, to our places, there is no KSRTC bus. Only private buses are there, So, we went to a stop, where all private buses are standing. Upon asking, we came to know that, there is only bus which will go to our destination, and it will come at 7AM. So, we waited in that cold weather. There is no clear light even at 7AM. It’s still cold weather.


Finally, our bus came. We boarded and our ticket price is Rs. 40 per head. We enjoyed the bus ride because of the ghat road. It has full of turns and steep. And driver was very good. It was of 2 hours journey with 1 breakfast break. Driver stopped at one small hotel. We had Poori there. Its was average food there. Bit oily. We packed some rice item from hotel. I forgot the name of that dish. fWe bought water bottle, few chocolate bars from a shop there. Our bus journey resumed.

After a total of 2 hours of journey, we reached our bus stop.  We got down from bus and walking towards the hills.


Beginning of Trek – 31st Dec  2016



In the beginning, it was normal concrete road. We slowly started walking and taking photos with my camera.  The trek was awesome with beautiful trees, scenarios, etc. The big mistake we did was we were carrying all of our luggage to the trek. The trek totally consists of 7KM + 7KM. We started around at 9AM.  Rohith and me slowly started walking in the path. We enjoyed a lot. After 3KMs, we reached a halt, where police was standing to check. He took some Refundable advance. We need to submit if any plastic bottles are there with us. Then, we resume our journey after having some fruits, butter milk there. The trail started to become bit difficult. After sometime, I got tired and took rest many times. Even Rohith. Between, for relaxation, we had chocolates, fruits and took few photos with Tripod. We continued. In-between, few forest trees came. Small water path. Wow, awesome hills there. It was awesome experience. I can say, First of its kind in my life.  OK, We reached 90% of trek. But, last 10% was hardest I can say. We need to climb the hill which is straight steep, and it was slippery. With Rohith’s help, I climbed finally. We both reached peak of the hills. We were like, we achieved something. Woww. We relaxed sometime there and took some photos. We ate that rice item which we packed and started return journey. We reached approximate at 2PM there. Yes, we took more time to reach. Return journey was good except that 10% which was slippery. We took more than 30mins there while returning. We both got tired now.  After this, Rohith fell few times, I think he lost energy. No injuries though. We were in hurry as we knew that there is only one bus from Hill to Madikeri (where we booked our hotel) at 6PM. It’s already 4PM. We reached the Police halt, took our advance and stopped at some shop where Tea got served. We took some Coffee. Luckily, Auto facility is there from this tea shop. So, we took auto to the bus stop. After some time waiting inside bus stop, our same morning bus with same Driver and conductor came, we got into bus. We also slept inside the bus. But again, bus journey is awesome for two hours.  We reached Madikeri at 8.30. We don’t know where is our hotel. So, with the help of Google maps, we got our hotel and reached. We did freshen up and came outside for Dinner immediately. We went to small hotel there, we ordered Noodles, Some Fried Rice etc. We completed Dinner and roamed a bit, did some shopping there. I bought Coorg made chocolates, Rohith also took chocolates and other items. Finally, we went to hotel and slept nicely to end the year 2016 in a grand manner.


We woke up and want to start our new year 2017 in good way. So, we started our journey again without late. We completed breakfast and were on roads at 9AM. We did take Kushalnagar KSRTC bus, and got down at Nisargadama. It was approximately 40mins journey. Nisargadama is small park where small water falls were there and Deer park is there. We did take few photos and spent some time in waters, and feeding to deers. After spending 1 hour, we started to Namroling Monastery.

We took auto from there and reached the Monastery. It was a good place with Lord Budha with other two persons statues were erected inside it. We spent some time there around 30mins and returned to Kushalnagar. We did lunch there. We went to bus stop and got into bus towards Madikeri. Then, we took auto towards Abbey falls. we spend some time there and reached Omkareshwar temple. After darshan of Lord Shiva, we went to Raja seat by walk. It is viewpoint for viewing sunset. It is a perfect place. We enjoyed there and relaxed a bit.  Finally, after sometime, we checkout our hotel and ordered noodles again at our favorite hotel and got into Bengaluru bus with lot of sweet memories.


Download videos from youtube and various sites

Hi All,


Today i am going to share a tool which I liked most and easy to use. I was searching for a tool which can download videos easily from me. After thorough search, i found various utlities which are free or paid, but have some restrictions. Finally, I am satisfied with

“Youtube dl”, a command line utility where you can download videos from various sites, even playlist can downloaded easily.

Steps to use ( Windows )

  1. Download “youtube-dl” from
  2. Place the executable in some folder.
  3. Go to that folder from Command Prompt
  4. Then type this command – “youtube-dl [PATH]”

Here, [PATH] may be url for single video or playlist.

Enjoy downloading.!!

JS Channel session @The Capitol

Hi friends, yesterday was a very good day for me. I attended my first JS Channel session in Bangalore.

The session was divided into four talks.

First one was delivered by Autodesk people,  @arvindthangli and  @blrbalajiram.

The topic was Viewer API. With this, you can interact with the 3D models in the Web seamlessly without installing any plugin(Flash/Silverlight). So, you can use three.js for this. But, they created their own Wrapper for simplifying the work for developers. They have their own conversion algorithms ( in their server) for converting various file formats( they claim more than 50) to some “Neutral” file format which can be rendered very easily in web browser.

For more details, please visit this link  –

Second talk was delivered by Ritvvij, Founder of Pykih on Pykquery.

This talk was entirely based on Data Visualization. The graphs and data interactivity was amazing. You can learn more about this on their official site.

Third talk was delivered by Charanjit Singh on Funcational Reactive programming. you can presentation from here.

Fourth talk was delivered by Altanai Bisht on Web RTC and AR on Web.

Some of the random links I have collected :

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