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JS Channel session @The Capitol

May 10, 2015

Hi friends, yesterday was a very good day for me. I attended my first JS Channel session in Bangalore.

The session was divided into four talks.

First one was delivered by Autodesk people,  @arvindthangli and  @blrbalajiram.

The topic was Viewer API. With this, you can interact with the 3D models in the Web seamlessly without installing any plugin(Flash/Silverlight). So, you can use three.js for this. But, they created their own Wrapper for simplifying the work for developers. They have their own conversion algorithms ( in their server) for converting various file formats( they claim more than 50) to some “Neutral” file format which can be rendered very easily in web browser.

For more details, please visit this link  –

Second talk was delivered by Ritvvij, Founder of Pykih on Pykquery.

This talk was entirely based on Data Visualization. The graphs and data interactivity was amazing. You can learn more about this on their official site.

Third talk was delivered by Charanjit Singh on Funcational Reactive programming. you can presentation from here.

Fourth talk was delivered by Altanai Bisht on Web RTC and AR on Web.

Some of the random links I have collected :


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